I can’t sleep, so tell me what the f*%# flower essences are

…. & how are they different to essential oils?

The use of flower essences is a popular worldwide, alternative treatment for mental well-being, shifting stuck energy and aiding emotional healing.  But what exactly are they?

In a nutshell, a flower’s “attitude, sass, tranquillity, resilience & other bad ass qualities” are extracted from it by gunpoint (ok… just by water extraction but doesn’t sound as exciting, does it?) & then preserved in a bottle with the tiniest amount of organic ethanol.

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The Power of the Flower

These essences can then be used to address any negative emotions being experienced [think… anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, etc] helping you return to a more balanced & positive state 🧘🏽‍♀️

Now, there are no physical parts of the flower left in an essence, just the vibrational signature or “mojo” that works on both the mental & emotional constraints we hold onto.

And given their lack of physical component – scent, inherent taste or allergens, they can be safely used on anyone – pregnant friend, newborn son, tantrum throwing toddler, anxious teen, Great Aunt Agnes and even your anxious puss 🐈

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Flowers vs Oils

But just how do the offerings of these petal-wielding warriors differ from that of essential oils?

The enigmatic & well-established essential oils 😎 are, in effect, plant extracts.  They’re made from parts such as the leaves, roots, seeds & flowers & contain compounds we can smell that can also have psychological effects for our mental health & well-being.

Just as a smell can transport you to a place or time of a happy memory for example, an essentials oils’ smell can be uplifting, confidence-boosting, sleep inducing, calming or even hone your concentration skills.

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A Powerful Duo

In my work as Naturopath, I actually find combining flower essences and essential oils to be invaluable & that they both have their place in well-rounded treatment plans that cover all of the bases, including emotional wellbeing.

I use flower essences for internal use & the essential oils for their aromatic qualities.

And I love that they can work independently #lonewolfstyle – as well as hand in hand, – like a pair of flowery cloaked superheroes tirelessly & selflessly working day & night to support your emotional needs 🦸🏻‍♀️

Know anyone that needs a little assistance in the sleep department?

5 tips for giving restless nights the finger…

1. Maintain a routine time of going to bed (dull I know) but once in place, the body will get used to it & begin to recognise this as time for sleeping. Kids & adults alike flourish & respond to a sleep routine. Relax during the lead up to bedtime with a dose of Calm Down calming essence, which can be used at any time of the day as needed.

2. Don’t eat too close to sleep time, otherwise the body will be busy digesting food instead of resting & can be stimulated depending on what’s been eaten.

3. Ditch the devices – iPads, phones, laptops, TV – at least 1 hour before bed (preferably earlier) to avoid the suppression of the magnificent melatonin. A hormone which is imperative for both sleep and restoration; given its awe-inspiring antioxidant & free radical scavenging properties.

4. Take a warm bath or shower before bed, add in some Epsom salts if you have a bathtub or rub magnesium oil into feet afterwards. Use organic coconut or almond massage oil for babies & little ones. Massage reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, whilst it increases serotonin & dopamine, neurotransmitters that aid happiness & calm 😊

5. Make the room ‘sleep-friendly’. Think quiet, dimly lit, cool temp and some drops of Tired but Wired sleep essence under the tongue together with a spritz of Tired but Wired – Mist to really set the scene for a good night’s kip 😴

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