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4 Services
15 Minutes Free Phone Chat Call to see how we can help before you book an initial consult.
Home Facial Kits - starting from $49 Existing clients only. New clients, please contact us. Our professional, custom home facial kits are tailored to suit your individual skin requirements & to complement your Naturopathy treatment. The cost-effective price means you can afford to have them a lot more frequently, to achieve the skin goals you're after! Please contact us for further details & to see which kit you require -The Essential -The Absolute -The Hydrator -The Roller
LED Light Therapy $69 Available for at home treatments. LED is a non-invasive treatment with zero downtime. The wavelengths it omits are absorbed by the skin and transformed into energy (ATP) that stimulates healing via cellular regeneration​. 30 MINUTES.
Skin Needling (First session $185, others $265) In home treatment - Skin needling or micro needling is a safe procedure that works by activating the skin’s natural ability to make new collagen and growth factors via a natural healing process, whilst strengthening capillaries & promoting healthy skin.​ Great for: Acne scarring, Anti-ageing, Pigmentation and Rosacea. Price includes- face, neck and décolletage, LED to reduce inflammation and follow up enzymes 3 to 5 days post treatment. Minimises fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces pore size and improves skin texture. Scar reduction. Regeneration of skin cells. 1 HOUR. $185 Starts From
4 Services
15 Minutes Free Phone Chat Call to see how we can help before you book an initial consult
Initial Naturopathic Consultation $145 Initial consultation via Zoom following your intake form questionnaire. We will explore in-depth your issues and a personalised treatment plan will be emailed out to you 24-48 hours following our consultation. You will leave with some key supplements / herbal formulas to get you started on your health journey. You will also get specific nutrition tips & example meals. Over the next 2 weeks you'll complete a nutrition, lifestyle, digestion & mood tracker to discuss in your next appointment. Approximately 1-1.5 HOURS
2nd Naturopathic Follow-Up Appointment / Extended Follow-Up / Pathology Results $110 A longer 45 min appointment to go over the personalised treatment plan that you received after your initial consultation. Discuss your short and long term health goals and how you will achieve them. Monitor your progress. Make any adjustments to your treatment plan and answer any questions. Discuss any testing that may be necessary / go over any pathology results. Update supplementation / herbal script. 45 MINUTES.
Standard Naturopathic Follow-Up Consultation $85 30 min appointment to monitor your progress, make any adjustments to your treatment plan, answer any questions you may have and update your supplement / herbal script. 30 MINUTES.


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