Focusing Roller – On The Ball


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  • Got an overactive kidlet who needs to do their homework or concentrate better in the classroom?
  • Trying to focus on study but mind all over the place & so you procrastinate by putting the washing on, make a cup of tea or stroke the cat?
  • Overwhelmed with information you need to retain but find it’s going in one ear and straight out the other?

This 15mL miniature mentor is a great study buddy and the sort of right-hand man you need to get your head into gear and focused.

Works well on its own or in combination with the ‘On the Ball mist’ and ‘essence’

Contains 3 essential oils:

  • Orange oil, with his cheerful disposition & ability to not only uplift the senses but to increase awareness & energise the senses
  • Frankincense for its flair to promote relaxation, satisfaction and peace
  • The ever-cherished Peppermint who is valued worldwide for her gift to enliven the senses and promote feelings of energy
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Tips from our Naturopath:

Can be diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil to alleviate any skin sensitivity that arises.


Apply as needed to temples, wrists, behind the ears or wherever works for you. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid broken skin or sore areas.