Focusing Mist – On The Ball




• Stagnation, Defeated
• Overactive, Scattered, Distracted
• Restless, Vague, Unconnected

Positive Effect

• Breakthrough, Focus, Change, Progress
• Centre the Mind Concentrate, Calm
• Purposeful, Achievement, Mental Vigour

  • Got an overactive kidlet who needs to do their homework or concentrate better in the classroom?
  • Trying to focus on study but mind all over the place & so you procrastinate by putting the washing on, make a cup of tea or stroke the cat?
  • Overwhelmed with information you need to retain but find it’s going in one ear and straight out the other?

Then this blend is a must for getting the creative juices flowing, honing your focus on what needs to be done and getting your noggin in gear for some serious hard drive updates.

We’ve blended a selection of enigmatic essentials oils with our ‘On the Ball essence’ to provide a truly inside out approach to your concentration woes.

Also, great for use on its own if taking the flower essence drops just isn’t an option.

Contains the following 4 engaging essential oils:

  • Orange oil, with his cheerful disposition & ability to not only uplift the senses but to increase awareness & energise the senses
  • Spearmint offers a sweet & obviously minty aroma which encourages a sense of focus whilst simultaneously uplifting mood
  • The ever-cherished Peppermint who is valued worldwide for her gift to enliven the senses and promote feelings of energy
  • Frankincense for its flair to promote relaxation, satisfaction and peace
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Tips from our Naturopath:

  • Eat yourself smarter by giving your body the fuel it needs by adding in a lot more brain foods like avocados, berries, flax & chia seeds, tomatoes & most definitely walnuts, which are even shaped like our beautiful two-lobed head batteries.
  • Make sure sleep is a priority.  Impaired sleep has a profound impact on our brain chemistry & neurotransmitters.  Everything suffers, including our ability to focus and regulate our emotions.


Mist around yourself & the room as required.  Not to be ingested, external use only.


A vibrational infusion of flowers & water: Green Rose, Yellow Boronia, Antiseptic Bush, Wattle, Pink Trumpet Flower, natural solubiliser, organic Australian alcohol, essentials oils of Orange, Spearmint, Peppermint & Frankincense.

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