Calming Roller – Calm Down


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  • Want to round-house kick that nagging feeling of unrest & anxiety in the face?
  • Wish your racing mind & inner voice had an ‘off’ switch?
  • Have a nervous teenager with an upcoming exam or interview?
  • Got a little person who’s anxious about going to day care or over-excited after coming home from a play date?

Then this 15mL bottle of liquid Zen 🧘🏽‍♀️ is a blend to help one and all chill out, find some inner peace and calm the hell down.

Good to keep in the car, at work, at school, in your handbag and well…. anywhere really to be able to ease the mind at any time, in any place.

Works well on its own or in combination with the ‘Calm Down mist’ and ‘essence’.

Contains 3 essential oils:

  • Frankincense for its flair to promote relaxation, satisfaction and peace
  • The ever lovely Lavender to restore balance, promote feelings of relaxation & alleviate anxiety
  • Ylang Ylang will help you go from dreary to cheery with its cortisol (stress) lowering & mood lifting attributes to promote a calming effect
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Tips from our Naturopath:

Can be diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil to alleviate any skin sensitivity that arises.


Apply as needed to temples, wrists, behind the ears or wherever works for you. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid broken skin or sore areas.