De-Stressing Mist – Temper Tamer


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• Demanding, Attention Seeking
• Self-Centred, Oversensitive, Reactionary
• Emotional, Explosive, Tantrums

Positive Effect

• Inner Satisfaction, Confidence
• Resilient, Loving, Giving
• Calm, Articulate, Communication

  • Toddler having a meltdown because there’s some fluff on their finger, their shadow won’t go away or because they wanted pasta, so you made them pasta and now they don’t want pasta?
  • Considering buying a dog, so at least someone in your household full of moody teenagers is happy to see you?
  • Kids, partner, boss, neighbours, news coverage etc driving you up the wall?  Quick to anger at the amount of BS around you?

Well, my friend, this blend is something you need to add to your emergency arsenal sooner rather than later.  The powerful little petals in this potent mix will help enhance one’s response, expression and articulation of feelings without letting emotions rule.

We’ve incorporated a blend of pacifying & soothing essentials oils with our ‘Temper Tamer essence’ to provide a truly inside out approach to your various vexations.

Great for use on its own too, when taking the flower essence drops just isn’t an option… ie. mid tanty or meltdown.

Contains 3 essential oils to rapidly diffuse any despondent & downcast moods:

  • Sounds like someone’s in need of a pep-talk from Patchouli, with her sweet & musky scent that provides a grounding & balancing effect on the emotions
  • Time for Frankincense to step in with a soothing aroma to instil overall wellness & lull whoever needs it into a sense of peaceful satisfaction
  • Not forgetting Bergamot, with a flair for dissipating anxious feelings & calming the chaos
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Tips from our Naturopath:

  • Keep your blood sugar balanced by ensuring regular meals throughout the day with a good amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats, as well as ensuring adequate sleep.
  • Take sloooow and deeeep breaths from your stomach, which signals to your body that you’re not actually in crisis and need to relax.
  • Laugh more.  Laughing actually lightens our mental load, decreases heart rate & blood pressure.  Plus, the long-term benefits are even more impressive as laughter & positive thinking can actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress & potentially more serious illnesses.


Mist around yourself, said little grumpy person & the room as required.  Not to be ingested, external use only.


A vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Silver Princess, Cowslip Orchid, Orange Spiked Pea, Fringed Lily Twiner, Hybrid Pink Fairy/Cowslip Orchid, natural solubiliser, organic Australian alcohol, essentials oils of Patchouli, Frankincense & Bergamot.