It’s no secret that a robust immune system will help to support your body when it needs it most. 

A weakened immune system can leave the body defenceless against bacteria & germs you come into contact with daily, making you more vulnerable to diseases.

So, keeping that bad boy 😎 in peak condition is imperative, possibly now so more than ever.

1. Stay topped up with the stuff fish 🐟 swim in

Proper hydration is essential for our overall health as well as for rocking a champion immune system.

It aids to remove waste products & harmful toxins from the body, which helps your immune system to better fight infections. Dehydration has shown in studies to suppress immunity.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day…. more if you’re sweating heavily from a manual job, increased temperatures or a workout sesh 💪🏼


2. Declutter your mind, cleanse your space 🧘🏽‍♀️

Having clean surroundings plays a critical role in not only your physical but your mental health as well.

Disinfect commonly touched areas like kitchen benches, door handles & mobile phones (don’t drench the poor thing, 💦📱 use alcohol wipes) and wash your pinkies regularly; keeping a hand sanitiser (that doubles up as a cleansing room mist – **nudge nudge wink wink **) nearby for when hand washing just isn’t an option Space Cleanse mist & Hand Sanitiser.

Keep your mind as clear and organised as possible. Stress has a HUGE impact on the immune system so do whatever it takes to lighten your mental load & kick to the curb engrained narratives that aren’t serving you. Follow the link here to read about how the Mind Cleanse essence could help.

3. Get adequate shut eye 😴

Our immune system and sleep are closely linked. Getting enough sleep is crucial to wellbeing and can help to strengthen your immunity.

Adults should aim to get a good 7-8 hours per night, whilst teens and younger ankle biters can need between 8-14 hours depending on age.

Avoid stimulants a good 2 hours before bed such as sugar, alcohol, large meals, screen time etc  🛌

4. Get your bum in gear

If you’re a hard-core couch potato 🥔 & don’t include any form of movement into your daily routine, your immune system is likely being impacted.

Even moderate exercise promotes immune function by increasing blood flow that encourages the circulation of antibodies & white blood cells to fight off

infection, as well as expel toxic waste out of your body.


5. Eat a rainbow 🌈

By munching on a variety of whole foods like fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains, nuts & seeds – all brimming with antioxidants & micronutrients – you can give your immune system the edge by decreasing inflammation and nourishing those all important gut bugs 👾

Focus especially on dark leafy greens, the Brassica family of veg, beans, berries, garlic, ginger & spices like turmeric.

6. Limit added sugars

And no, we don’t mean fruit. The fructose contained in fruit 🍒 is happily skipping along to your digestive system, hand in hand with its buddies – fibre, vitamins and minerals. A win win 🙌🏼 from every angle.

We’re referring specifically to added sugars in things like soft drinks, ice cream, sweets 🍭 & junk food.

Consuming higher amounts of sugar has shown in studies to depress and hinder the body’s immune function, as soon as 30 minutes after its consumption & can last up to 5 hours!


7. Get some sun on your guns 💪🏼

Although overexposure to harmful UV sun-rays is damaging to the skin, avoiding sunlight entirely is also not a good idea.

The vitamin D we make when our skin is exposed to the sun ☀️ is necessary for the correct functioning of T cells that promote and contribute to our

immune defences, as well as bone metabolism and calcium, a deficiency of which increases our risk of autoimmune diseases and infection.

Enjoy a little bit of slinky, early morning sunlight (minus the SPF) for around 10-15 mins a day outside of peak hours (10am-4pm)