Cleansing Essence – Mind Cleanse




• Overwhelmed, Weak, Obsessive
• Battle, Struggle, Past Pain, Hopelessness
• Compromising, Helpless

Positive Effect

• Cleanse, Sanctity
• Strength, Self-Control, Renewal, Change, Willpower
• Positivity, Light, Optimism


  • Time to ‘spring clean’ your mind of the old narrative & move forwards?
  • Emotional baggage weighing you down?
  • Going through a break-up? Giving up smoking? Trying to eat healthier?

It’s time to start a new chapter by uncluttering & detoxing your mind of the thoughts that aren’t serving you well.

Lighten your load by popping some concrete boots on your worries, woes & doubts, and hurl them into the sea #byefelicia 👋🏼

This little pot of liquid courage, support & hand squeezing is the perfect blend for helping you fight against your old programming & to be able to change to healthy new directions & experiences.

Works a charm with the ‘Space Cleanse Mist & Hand Sanitiser’ so your emotions, surroundings and hands are all on the same page.

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For all age groups.
6 drops under the tongue, twice a day or as needed.
The oral dose in a 30mL bottle, dosing twice a day will last around 2-3 weeks.


A vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Blue China Orchid, Candle of Life, Geraldton Wax, Dampiera & Antiseptic Bush. Australian organic alcohol (trace amount as preservative)

To give this little flowery mix the best fighting chance of shelf life we use a small amount of Australian organic vodka as a preservative (being less than one drop of alcohol per dose).

For those who are looking to avoid ingesting any alcohol, the 6 drops can instead be applied to wrist pulse points, topically to the crown of the head or diluted in water.

You can also place the drops into hot water (about the temp you’d drink a cup of tea) which will evaporate the alcohol.  Ta-dah!  Magic ☺

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