Dog Ease Essence


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“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong” – W.R. Purche

  • Separation anxiety – at home alone all day?
  • Excessive barking, chewing, digging, pacing or restlessness?
  • Aggressive behaviour, fighting or antisocial tendencies?
  • Upcoming kennel stay, vet appointment or puppy school?

Natural tension, anxiety & stress relief drops for your dog

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Dog Ease is delicately designed to calm & settle your pooch 🐶

Helpful for all conditions where your tail wagging pal is stressed out & anxious including:

  • Loud noises – fireworks / thunderstorms
  • Car travel
  • Kennel stays

Dog Ease is also available as a mist with a small amount of 2 fido-friendly calming essential oils – Dog Ease mist’ – for spritzing around the room, car, pet carrier or any other space your doggy needs.

For best results, use both the essence & mist in combination

Weight dose:

10kg plus – 6 drops twice a day and/or as needed directly into mouth or into water bowl
Less than 10kg – 3 drops twice a day directly into mouth or water bowl


A vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Green Rose, Queensland Bottlebrush, Rose Cone Flower, Donkey Orchid, Hairy Yellow Pea, Fuchsia Gum & Pink Fairy Orchid. Australian organic alcohol (trace amount as preservative).