Cat Calm Mist


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“Cats have it all – admiration, an endless sleep and company only when they want it” – Rod McKuen

  • Anxious cat?
  • Excessive grooming, meowing, pacing or restlessness?
  • Upcoming vet visit, haircut or stay at a cattery?
  • Does puss 😿 ever paw or suck at blankets, your skin etc?

Natural tension, anxiety & stress relief mist for your cat

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Cat Calm is delicately designed to relax highly strung pussy cats.

Effective for all conditions where your feline friend can be stressed out & anxious including:

  • Loud noises – fireworks / thunderstorms
  • Car travel
  • Cattery stays

Cat Calm is also available in drops – Cat Calm essence’ drops

For best results, use both the mist and essence in combination


Shake bottle gently & spritz 3-4 times in the air around your cat, not directly on to them


A vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Queensland Bottlebrush, Rose Cone Flower, Hops Bush, Hairy Yellow Pea, Happy Wanderer, Purple Flag Flower & Golden Glory Grevillea.  Australian organic alcohol (trace amount as preservative).