Cat Calm Essence


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“What greater gift than the love of a cat” – Charles Dickens

  • Anxious cat?
  • Excessive grooming, meowing, pacing or restlessness?
  • Upcoming vet visit, haircut or stay at a cattery?
  • Does puss 😿 ever paw or suck at blankets, your skin etc?

Natural tension, anxiety & stress relief drops for your cat

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Cat calm is delicately designed to calm stressed pussy cats.

Effective for all conditions where your feline friend can be stressed out & anxious including:

  • Loud noises – fireworks / thunderstorms
  • Car travel
  • Cattery stays

Cat Calm essence is also available in ‘mist’ form for spritzing around the room, car, cat carrier or any other space your puss needs calming when the chances of getting the drops into them are slim to none!

For best results, use both the mist and essence in combination


3 drops twice a day directly into mouth or water bowl


A vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Queensland Bottlebrush, Rose Cone Flower, Hops Bush, Hairy Yellow Pea, Happy Wanderer, Purple Flag Flower & Golden Glory Grevillea.  Australian organic alcohol (trace amount as preservative).